The right extinguishing agent for every fire

HooVos offers an extensive range of fire extinguishers and fire hose reels, directly available from stock. Whether it concerns powder extinguishers, spray foam extinguishers, carbon dioxide snow extinguishers or mobile fire extinguishers and fire hose reels, HooVos always has the best suitable small extinguishing agent for you.

Small extinguishing agents from HooVos

Guaranteed the right extinguishing agent for your specific situation

Small extinguishing agents from HooVos

Small extinguishing agents are extinguishing agents intended to put out small fires or starting fires. Generally, they are compact extinguishing agents. One can think of a fire blanket, a powder extinguisher, a fat extinguisher agent or a spray foam extinguisher. These are handy extinguishing agents that can be used easily after a brief instruction. Fire hose reels that are connected to the water supply are also classified as small agents. HooVos offers an impressive assortment; we look for the best solutions in collaboration with our clients.

HooVos offers an extinguishing agent for every fire

At HooVos, we have various extinguishing agents stocked. The reason for this is that there are different types of fires. Solid substances can catch fire, but gases and liquids can as well. Not every extinguishing agent is suitable for putting out every fire. Some fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing solids fires while others deal with combustible oil. HooVos is happy to show you the way and inform you, without any obligations.

Small extinguishing agents in practice

Annual maintenance

Just purchasing fire protection facilities isn’t the end. Regular (annual) inspection is not only essential for flawless operations, it is also mandatory. As an NCP KIWA REOB-recognized maintenance company, HooVos knows the rules like no other. We carry out check-ups in accordance with established maintenance standards such as NEN 2559 (fire extinguishers), NEN-EN 671-3 (fire hose reels), NEN 2659 (mobile fire extinguishers) and NEN 1594 (dry fire extinguishers). Therefore, leave the (mandatory) maintenance of your small extinguishing agents to HooVos.

Carefree and safe: quality maintenance

HooVos Fire Protection is happy to relieve you of all concerns regarding annual maintenance. You will be automatically notified when your fire extinguishers are ready for annual maintenance. As an authorized maintenance company, you are reassured that you’re dealing with a party that is aware of the latest developments and always works in accordance with the current regulations. In addition to the annual maintenance, HooVos takes care of the other maintenance intervals included in the NEN 2559, such as the extensive five-year check-up, the ten-year revision and, after twenty years, the rejection of fire extinguishers.

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