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A fire hydrant is a water source intended for the fire brigade. With this system, extinguishing water is tapped directly from the drinking water supply network. There are underground and aboveground versions of fire hydrants. HooVos can deliver both.

Fire hydrants

Hoovos underground hydrants

An underground fire hydrant is, as the name implies, placed underground and is visible through a surface box according to NEN 2159 (Dutch norm), with the inscription ‘BRANDKRAAN’ (Dutch for ‘fire hydrant’).

HooVos aboveground hydrant

With an aboveground fire hydrant, an attachment is part of the construction. With this version, fire hoses can be connected directly via Storz Connection.

Complete assortment at HooVos

HooVos offers aboveground fire hydrants and underground fire hydrants. These high-quality hydrants ensure that fire fighting can be carried out safely, easily and quickly.

More information on fire hydrants from HooVos

We are happy to inform, support and advise you when it comes to fire hydrants. We are also experienced in carrying out maintenance on hydrants. Fire hydrants are intended as a supply for a dry fire pipe or for connecting one or more fire hoses. The inspection of the fire hydrants falls under NEN standard 1594 (Dutch norm). By having the fire hydrant checked annually, you always comply with the NEN standard. The annual maintenance consists of checking the parts, checking the rubber seals and spindles. HooVos is the specialist in the field of fire hydrant maintenance.

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