Faster is better

Fire alarm systems or fire stations are becoming more and more mandatory in both new and existing buildings. A starting fire can be noticed faster with a fire alarm system. Extinguishing the fire can start as soon as possible and the building can be evacuated timely. A fire alarm system can prevent, or at least limit, the consequences of a fire. HooVos works with a qualified business partner that has a certificate for delivering the right equipment and handling check-ups.

Fire alarm systems

Reduce the effects of a fire

The function of a fire alarm system

There are different types of fire alarm systems. A fire alarm system ensures that the emergency room or fire station is notified when a fire breaks out in your home, company or institution. It is crucial that your fire alarm system works at all times. That is why it is important that the system is checked adequately and professionally, in time. At HooVos we call this the ‘management of your fire alarm system’.

Types of fire alarm systems from HooVos

There are different types of fire alarm systems on the market: non-automatic fire alarm systems and automatic fire alarm systems. A fire alarm system often consists of a network of smoke detectors in every room, manual fire alarms where the alarm must be activated by hand, or automatic fire alarms that automatically sound the alarm and pass on a signal to the alarm center. There are different levels of monitoring for these installations: full monitoring, partial monitoring, room monitoring and object monitoring.


The size of a fire alarm system

The size of fire alarm systems varies per location or building. The size of the system is determined by various factors, including: the risk of a fire breaking out, the ground surface in square meters, the height of the building and the degree of self-reliance of the people who live or work in the building. Curious about the size of your future fire alarm system? Our advisors are happy to visit you to provide customized advice.

HooVos manages fire alarm systems

It is a legal requirement to have fire alarm systems checked periodically according to NEN 2654. We take care of the monthly test ourselves. Our business partner has specific experience in controlling and preventively maintaining fire alarm systems. They are fully informed and always work in accordance with all applicable regulations. A fire doesn’t just cause major material damage, it can also cost human lives. Every single day, we realize how important fire safety is. Do not take any risks and outsource your protection to a reputable recognized company!

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