Evacuate as quickly as possible

In the event of a fire everyone must leave the building as quickly as possible via the correct route, that goes without saying. A thorough evacuation system is essential to ensure that such a process runs efficiently and effectively. The difference between a fire alarm system and an evacuation alarm system is not that clear; both are closely linked. It is therefore not easy to indicate whether you need a fire alarm system or an evacuation alarm system. In many cases the evacuation system is part of the complete fire alarm system.

Evacuation Alarm Systems

For a thorough emergency evacuation

Optical signaling during evacuation

Evacuation alarm systems have the purpose of properly evacuating a building as quickly as possible. Such installations can be divided into word installations (a spoken message to ensure that the building is being evacuated) and slow-whooping installations in which sirens are used. Both help to ensure that evacuation takes place in every room of the building.

The parts of an evacuation alarm system

An evacuation alarm system consists of various parts. The core of the installation is formed by the fire panel. This control panel is assisted by manual fire alarms (located near hose reels and emergency exits) and slow-whoops (also called: sirens). These slow-whoops are activated as soon as the glass of a manual alarm is pressed. The combination of these components contribute to the safe evacuation of your premises.

Flawless process support

Our business partner installs safe and reliable evacuation alarm systems in accordance with all legal standards. The installation is always accompanied by a PVE (Programma van Eisen; same as the Program of Requirements or PoR) before you receive valid certification. Our partner guides you every step of the way to ensure that your building becomes a pleasant and safe living environment/workspace.

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