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If a fire breaks out in a high or large building, you don’t want valuable time to be wasted on rolling out and/or bringing up fire hoses. To prevent this, dry fire risers are required in certain buildings. These steel pipes have an inlet outside of the building and landing valves inside the building. This way, the fire brigade can get the required amount of water to the desired location with the fire truck pump. HooVos is happy to help!

Dry fire risers

Get water where it’s needed

Dry fire risers

Dry fire risers are also being called ‘extinguishing pipes’ or ‘dry fire pipes’. Dry fire risers are used in large or high (flat/office) buildings as a facility to firefighters. It can limit the damage of a fire. These risers usually consist of a galvanized steel pipe with 1 or more inlets and a fire hydrant (or ‘landing valve’) on each floor. With the right fire protection system, including dry fire risers, you can help the fire brigade getting a fire under control faster.

Building/replacing dry fire risers

When you are in need of dry fire risers, or you want to replace your current risers, you came to the right place. HooVos can install dry fire risers or high-pressure pipes. Please contact us via the form below. It is also possible to hire us to periodically check your fire risers according to a maintenance plan. HooVos always offers you tailor-made solutions.

Maintenance of dry fire risers by HooVos

The extinguishing pipes must be annually checked in an adequate manner. This also means that repairs must be carried out if necessary. It is even better when defects are being prevented. Did you know that dry fire risers must be checked once every five years after being constructed, according to the NEN1594 agreement (Dutch norm)?

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