Frequently Asked Questions

Should an extinguishing agent be maintained annually?

HooVos is a recognized fire protection company; we are obliged to maintain the extinguishing equipment of our customers annually. Insurance companies sometimes want to deviate from this. If you want the maintenance to be carried out biennial, make sure you get this in writing from your insurance company. In that case, you will still get paid in case of an unfortunate incident.

Is HooVos a recognized maintenance company?

Yes, we are. This is particularly important for insurance companies.

Is HooVos VCA certified?

Yes, we are. And we are a recognized training company as well.

How can HooVos unburden me?

We will contact you annually to make an appointment for maintenance. If a mechanic determines a change in your situation, he will advise you about this during the maintenance check-up. That way you will never have to worry about the safety of your home or business. If you have any questions or worries before the annual check-up date, you can always contact us. Our representative will visit you without obligations!

How long does an AED last?

We advise our customers to replace the AED after the factory warranty has expired. This warranty may differ per brand, but on average this is 8 years. We are not saying that the AED will no longer work after the factory warranty has expired, but ‘just assuming that the AED will work’ is too big of a risk in our opinion!