Van der Burg - Project HooVos (1)

Great collaboration

Van der Burg Automaterialen - Woudenberg

With a professional team of 7 employees, Van der Burg is ready for customers based in The Netherlands or abroad. As a knowledgeable wholesaler in truck and trailer parts, we offer guaranteed fast delivery of the correct parts.

In order to be able to serve our customers quickly and reliably, the company was split up in 2004. The company became 2 specialized companies. Van der Burg Trucks is able to deliver everything in the field of trucks and trailers. The other company, Van der Burg Automaterialen (translated: Van der Burg Car materials): wholesale in trucks and trailer parts. Thanks to the know-how and experience accumulated in all these years in the world of truck and trailer technology, we understand our customers deeply and therefore are able to act quickly.

Thanks to good and fast communication, Van der Burg and HooVos can mean a lot to each other. We have a nice collaboration!