Inkoper MKB - Project HooVos (1)

High level purchasing organization

INKOPER MKB - Purmerend

The service and quality of the service offered by Inkoper MKB must be at a high level, while our rates must be affordable. This is the reason that we have selected HooVos. Many of our customers make full use of the services of HooVos, therefore our customers are assured that the maintenance/testing of the extinguishing agents is carried out in the correct month.

We (Inkoper MKB; translates to: Buyer Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, SMEs) have been working with HooVos for several years now. As a purchasing organization, we are always looking for reliable partners and HooVos is one of them.

As a buyers collective with a strong focus on the automotive industry, we have high safety requirements. This includes the inspection and maintenance of our extinguishing agents.

Appointments are always made by telephone, so there are no unexpected visits. If extinguishing agents need to be replaced, this is always carried out in consultation with the customer and based on quotation.