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Van der Burg - Project HooVos (4)
Van der Burg - Project HooVos (logo)

Van der Burg has been around since 1982. Started as a supplier in trailer parts, the company successfully grew into a reliable importer and exporter of new and used trucks, and as a wholesaler in truck and trailer parts.

Thanks to good and fast communication, Van der Burg and HooVos can mean a lot to each other. We have a nice collaboration!

Inkoper MKB - Project HooVos (2)
Inkoper MKB - Project HooVos (logo)

We (Inkoper MKB; translates to: Buyer Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, SMEs) have been working with HooVos for several years now. As a purchasing organization, we are always looking for reliable partners and HooVos is one of them.

As a buyers collective with a strong focus on the automotive industry, we have high safety requirements. This includes the inspection and maintenance of our extinguishing agents.

Heuvelrug - Project HooVos (2)
Heuvelrug - Project HooVos (logo)

The maintenance we carry out doesn’t stop at the municipal office but goes much further: we maintain all municipal buildings.

This means that the municipality is a client who offers us a lot of variety in terms of work and we are proud of that!

Jacomij - project hoovos (1)
Jacomij - project hoovos logo

Jacomij has knowledge and first-class facilities (storage, analysis and shredding) for efficient and high-quality metal recycling of non-ferrous metals & electronics recycling.

Their work is fully tailored to the specific wishes of the customer with the help of advanced equipment, well-trained staff and expert partners. All materials are sorted, analyzed, (manually) checked and processed quickly and professionally.

Fire safety plays a critical role in recycling. HooVos maintains fire safety at Jacomij every year. HooVos and Jocomij have been exchanging knowledge and experience to get fire safety at Jacomij to the highest quality level.