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Fire safety & Fire prevention

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Specialist in fire safety and fire prevention

Since 2002 HooVos has specialized in all forms of fire safety and fire prevention for all companies and private individuals. From large to small companies, we are your partner! Every day we work with passion on high-quality solutions that suit your personal situation.

HooVos has a diverse range of products and services. Moreover, our specialists have a great deal of knowledge and experience. This combination ensures that HooVos has an answer to all common issues.

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Arjan van Voskuilen

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Over HooVos - Gerwin

Gerwin Hoogendoorn

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Over HooVos - Marja

Marja Oosterlee

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Over HooVos - Marianne

Marianne Salari - Van Barneveld

Sales advisor
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About hoovos - geert

Geert Musch

Technical commercial employe
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About hoovos - rick

Rick van Ree

Project engineer
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Over HooVos - Robert

Robert van Boggelen

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About hoovos - ernst

Ernst de Rhoter

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Over HooVos - Wesley

Wesley Dorland

Project calculator/supervisor
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Over HooVos - Elmar

Elmar Zomer

Project coordinator/planner
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HooVos is there for you!

When you choose HooVos, you choose a reliable, experienced and expert partner. You go for one advisor with whom you always switch. This means that you have one fixed point of contact who you trust and who also knows your situation like no other.

Fire safety and fire prevention is an important matter. That is why the government has strict laws and regulations for this. In addition, insurers also set strict requirements. These change continuously. Our specialists are always aware of these changes so that they can provide you with appropriate advice.

Personal involvement and solution-oriented

HooVos is your partner, we think about you in your specific situation. That is why we do not come up with standard solutions, but with solutions that are best for you personally. In addition, we provide a total package so that you can contact one adviser for all your safety issues.

With us you know that the quote you receive is the actual invoice. We have only one goal in mind and that is to give you good and honest advice. This means you are always central.

Feel free to contact us for more information!