Meet HooVos

In the event of a fire, high-quality fire protection increases the chance of saving lives. As a specialist in fire protection and fire prevention since 2002, HooVos has been a household name in the region and far beyond.


Both Gerwin Hoogendoorn and Arjan van Voskuilen are tried-and-tested in the world of fire protection. Arjan says: “I had already gained relevant experience in paid employment before I started HooVos in 2002, together with my partner Gerwin.” Today, HooVos is a professional and certified company with over 35 employees.

Service with a capital S

HooVos professionally provides effective and reliable fire protection to its customers. “We can deliver quickly thanks to the extensive range of products we have in stock”. For us, the customer is king. Discover what HooVos can do for you.

The total package

Fire protection is serious business. “Reliable fire protection can save lives in emergency situations. No wonder that the government makes proper fire protection mandatory. We deliver the total package: an extensive range of products and services, for large and medium-sized companies and institutions. We also take care of complete maintenance in structural fire prevention. Private individuals know how to find us as well. In addition to delivering and installing products, we provide periodic maintenance such as maintenance of structural fire prevention. Because we are a NCP-recognized maintenance company, customers can rely on proven quality. We provide emergency response training and make students familiar with AEDs as well.”

Corporate movie


Gerwin Hoogendoorn


Safety is our top priority!

I am Gerwin Hoogendoorn, one of the owners of HooVos. I’ve started HooVos Fire Protection in 2002 with my business partner. Because of my voluntary position at the fire department in Amerongen, my heart was in this industry already. In 2013 we came to the conclusion that we were growing fast: we needed a new building. In 2014 we moved in. In addition, a new department was added, namely HooVos Projects. My vision is to unburden our current and new relations when it comes to fire protection and fire prevention and to stay up-to-date in this area. Safety is our top priority! Is it yours as well? Contact us and we are happy to enter into dialogue.

Arjan van Voskuilen


We can offer a solution to every customer!

My name is Arjan van Voskuilen, one of the owners of HooVos Fire Protection. Since 1992 I’ve gained a lot of knowledge as a maintenance mechanic at a fire protection company. This made me very enthusiastic and I wanted to start my own company in this branch. Together with my partner, I founded HooVos Fire Protection in January 2002. Because the team at HooVos is working together closely and efficiently, we can offer every customer a fast and perfect solution to their problems. This way of working ensures that we build good relationships with our customers. In these circumstances we can work together with them in a pleasant way.

Administrative Department

Marja Oosterlee


My name is Marja Oosterlee and I have been working for HooVos since April 2016. I graduated as an accountant (AA) and have extensive experience in accountancy. I started working at HooVos because it is a young and dynamic company where quality and a personal relationship with both the customer and colleagues is paramount. I am responsible for the entire financial administration and HR.


Rob van Woudenberg

Sales advisor

My name is Rob van Woudenberg and I work for both HooVos Fire Protection and HooVos Projects. In 2015 I started as a mechanic fire-resistant seals. Over the years I have been able to develop myself within HooVos. The company has grown significantly in recent years which means many nice and qualified colleagues were added to the team. We have been able to complete great projects together. Are you curious about what HooVos can do for you or your company? Or do you want to become one of those great colleagues? Feel free to contact us! See you soon!

Marianne Salari – Van Barneveld

Sales advisor

Your fire protection is my concern!

I joined HooVos in 2009 as a secretary and saw the company grow into what it is today. Thanks to this growth, I was able to develop myself and make an internal switch in 2017. Now I’m a sales advisor for HooVos Fire Protection. By being involved with you as a customer and advising you properly, we can unburden you of fire protection. Can I do that for you as well? Please get in touch!

Planning and calculation

Dennis van Rooijen

Planner & Calculator

I enjoy coming to work!

My name is Dennis van Rooijen, I’ve been working at Hoovos Projects since 2016 as a Calculator. I see HooVos as a young, dynamic and, above all, sociable company with hard-working people and plenty of space for personal development. I enjoy coming to work! As HooVos, we stand for quality. Fulfilling the wishes of our customers is the most important thing for us. We are flexible and able to respond to your needs quickly. If a job needs to be done urgently, you came to the right place because that is one of our strong suits. Choosing HooVos means choosing a loyal partner.

Ester Lammers


Intellectuals solve problems. I prevent them.

I am never bored with my job as a Planner. I’m in touch with a lot of customers and colleagues. I’ll help you out if you want maintenance to be carried out on your extinguishing agent, emergency lighting, first aid kit or AED. When you want to purchase an extinguishing agent or fire safety equipment, you have come to the right person. And I will send a technician your way for the smallest defect.

Project engineering

Geert Musch

Technical commercial employee

Hoovos is a versatile company. We think along with our clients!

You came to the right person to make an appointment for an assessment of possible work in your structural fire prevention. I’ll give you the best technical advice to make sure that we can execute the work as economically as possible, without quality loss. Please contact me and I’ll take a look at your situation with you.

Rick van Ree

Project engineer

At HooVos, we’re putting the customer first!

I’m Rick van Ree, working as a project engineer for HooVos Projects. I’ve been at the company since 2010. What started as a side job in addition to my studies, turned into a permanent job. Over the years I have held various positions within the company, one of which was as a mechanic at both HooVos Fire Protection and HooVos Projects. In addition to the fact that I was able to develop myself personally at HooVos, I’ve seen the company develop and grow as well. At HooVos, we’re putting the customer first! If you have any questions or if you are curious about what HooVos can do for you or your company, don’t hesitate and get in touch.


Robert van Boggelen


As HooVos, we have been growing and developing rapidly!

My name is Robert van Boggelen and I’m working as an implementer at HooVos Projects. I started as a mechanic at HooVos fire protection in 2009. As HooVos, we have been growing and developing rapidly! That made it possible for me to develop into an implementer. HooVos can be found throughout the Netherlands. I am able to visit many different locations which makes the work very diverse and challenging.

Ernst de Rhoter


Our knowledge is your safety!

My name is Ernst de Rhoter and I work as an implementer in the Projects department of HooVos. I started working at HooVos in 2011 as a fitter for sealing penetrations. HooVos has developed considerably over time and so have I. Our knowledge is your safety and I am happy to help improve this.